Online Workshop | Hang the Moon | w/Kae pea

Online Workshop | Hang the Moon | w/Kae pea

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a brand new online workshop with kae pea
five weeks of creativity, ideas, inspiration and moon beams

Listen to Her the Moon always knows.

                                               ~author unknown

Hang the Moon Workshop.  
Thank you for taking time to stop by and learn about my newest on line offering "Hang the Moon". This is my third full length, on-line class and I am, simply, over the moon to be here. This course focuses on moons and celestial imagery but it is more than that too. It is packed with tips and techniques and projects to inspire you while reaching for the stars and finding your shine! It is always my great pleasure to show and share ideas and techniques that I am excited about. Along with drawing and painting moons as a central focus, I will share with you five weeks of creative projects and prompts, including: drawing moons and faces, textural moon painting with wood icing, moon rings and jewelry, celestial journal pages & a claybord moon diptych.
This course will be an artful gathering, focused on celestial themed imagery and an exploration of a variety of mixed media materials and techniques. Class premiers Monday February 15th and new content and video instruction will be added every Monday through March 14th 2016. The course will remain open for one year.
Throughout our time together, I hope to offer you a nurturing and fun place to gather, learn, create, share, and shine like the moon!  
Each week there will be a blog post and videos. The material posted will be all brand new.
I will show, share and discuss a variety of ideas and mediums and projects for you to play with using the moon and stars as the subject.  I hope you will join me and together we will hang the moon!!

You've got questions....
When does this course begin?
February 15, 2016 
What supplies and materials do I need?
Do I need all the supplies on the materials list? 
Definitely not, but they sure are fun to have! I will always share and talk about options and things you can substitute. I encourage you to use what you have as much as possible.
Do I have to do all the work? 
Of course not. It is completely up to you. You choose what projects and at what pace you would like to create!
What if I don't keep up ? 
Please don't worry. You have plenty of time to access the material. It will be available through March 2017.
Do I have to participate on Facebook or Instagram? 
Absolutely not! But keep in mind, sharing and seeing what others are creating, is very inspirational to all. And a great way to grow.
Can I share the workshop site? 
I kindly ask that you respect everyone who has paid for the course and the time I have put into creating the materials. Please do not share the links/passwords. 
May I share the artwork I create on my blog or social media sites? 
I hope you will!
May I sell the artwork I have created during the workshop? 
I hope you do!
Do I need high speed internet? 
Yes. Unless you are very a patient person. Unlike me.
Can I use my ipad? 
Material will be ipad compatible. 
Can I use the group(s) to sell my creations or market my own workshop?
Please reserve the space for sharing your art and ideas created in this course. 
Once I sign up, can I change my mind? 
You can change your mind, however there are absolutely no refunds, so I hope you will change it back! 
Can I teach and/or write an article for publication on techniques learned during this course? 
I ask that you use your best judgement and consideration when answering this question. Please contact me if you have any questions. 
What will I gain from this course? 

Everyone, of course, will gain something different. It depends on where you are coming from and what you wish to take away.  But I can tell you what I will give, and that is all the knowledge I have about materials, products and techniques with an open and sharing heart, gentle encouragement, support and guidance along the way!
5 weeks of new material with 1 year access $55.00 usd
If you would like to gift this workshop please let me know by leaving a message at checkout. Include the recipients name and email address.   

Once you have registered and paid for this course you will receive the passwords and links right away. 
Please email me if you have any questions.
Thank you so much for joining me. Moon-dancing is strongly encouraged.
Hang the Moon Workshop and all its contents are ©Kristen Powers.

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