The Imperfect Journal

Recently I read the book, Love for Imperfect Things by Haemin Sunim. It really touched me and resonated with me. Not so much because I am a 'perfectionist' (Admittedly, I am recovering...) but because it felt like, on so many levels, this book and his words were speaking to my art. I don't know how to explain it exactly but this book just helped my heart to see things a bit differently both in my personal life and in my creative life. It helped me to grow a bit wiser and feel a bit gentler. I decided right away that I would design a class and/or art from these inspirations. I hope, you too, enjoy the book and even if you don't read it yourself or do not find it speaks to you in the same way, that you will enjoy the thoughts and feelings behind these journal pages and lessons and that you will be inspired in your own way too. Either way, I hope it will be just 'perfect'. xokp

List of supplies and materials I have used in my journal(s). PLEASE note* I encourage you to make substitutions and use what materials you have on hand whenever possible!
  • The Book: Love for Imperfect Things 

  • 22 x 30  and/or 18x24 inch watercolor paper (hot or cold press, 90 and/or 140 lb.)

  • unstretched canvas (a piece or two about 8 x 10 ins) 

  • ruler/yard stick

  • PVA Glue 

  • Art File

  • bone folder

  • various GOLDEN paints (acrylic and/or watercolor)

  • pen and/or marker and pencil

  • Paintbrushes for acrylic and watercolor

  • small gel plate

  • brayer

  • masking fluid 

  • painters tape (low tack)

  • long arm stapler and/or needle and twine (for binding)

*I always have baby wipes, paper towels, & buckets of fresh clean water handy. Other misc. items: water soluble pencils or crayons, stabilo pencil, eraser, silicone brush (for spreading glue), various RubberMoon stamps, washi tape, stencils

Link to Teesha Moore's 16 page journal:

Link to kae pea's modified version plus smaller extras:








LESSON 6 (below)

 Watercolor Illustration (video above)
I absolutely LOVE the imperfection of watercolor. Working with water is not always something you can control and I like that look and feel. I hope you will give this lesson a try and REALLY LET GO of any preconceptions and expectations. This is why I encourage you to start with a pen and just DIVE IN! This is a wonderful exercise in spontaneity and intuition. Remember the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the imperfect results! I cannot wait to see YOUR pages! xokp

Watercolor "Pouring"

I was inspired by chapter 7 on "enlightenment" for this lesson. I find this entire process very meditative and 'in the moment'. Please make sure you have the proper large paper for your 'blotter', an apron (or clothes you don't mid getting painty), plenty of paper towels or rags and fresh clean water! Enjoy and stay loose!!





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