Arches Travel Journal
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Arches Travel Journal

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Making prestigious art papers since 1492, Arches has been the paper of choice for artists from Van Gogh and Matisse to Picasso, Dali, Warhol and beyond. Hailed as brilliant, this archival paper is mold-made with 100% cotton fibers, has a natural white luster and stands the test of time so your work shines long after you've laid down your masterpiece. A process exclusive to Arches, gelatin sizing "to the core" gives each sheet on this watercolor journal astounding absorbency, as the pH-neutral, gelatin-sized internal and external fibers hold pigment in place without over-saturation. Each pad of this 140lb cold press watercolor paper has a thick, pulp-dyed backboard for extra rigidity and stability when painting on-the-go. Take this watercolor notebook for painting to your favorite outdoor location for a peaceful yet professional plein air painting experience. Easily correct liquid media mistakes repeatedly and with minimal warping to the textured paper. Each pristine sheet of this 140lb cold press watercolor paper has been securely fastened on the top short side with a strong spiral binding that aids in shape-retention. Not only are these watercolor supplies durable, but they are also versatile. Arches can be used as more than just watercolor paper; this exquisite, thick cotton paper functions well with all wet techniques such as ink, gouache, and acrylic painting as the cotton fibers adapt to whatever medium you use to craft your work. Conveniently sized with 15 sheets of 140lb cold press paper, this is the ideal water color pad for traveling artists. Arches cold press watercolor paper contains no optical brightening agents. When it comes to high-end consistency and variety, you'll find the exceptional quality you seek within the premium papers at Arches.

  • 5.9" x 10.13" x 0.4"
  • 140lb/300g

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